Night End Discussion

It is ironic that he was able to get surgery on his infected foot: the Germans didn’t care at all for Jews.  They didn’t use any anesthetic, but he does eventually pass out from the pain.

The Death Run was about 42 miles.  It served two purposes – the first being to move the prisoners, and the second to kill them.  Nazis even had to be replaced because it was so arduous.  The Jews had been underfed and undernourished, so the fact that there were survivors is impressive in itself.  Most of us couldn’t accomplish such a feat healthy.  They weren’t marching, either – they ran, and if you slowed down, well, sucks to your ass-mar.  People were trampled.

After the whole ordeal, Wiesel/Eliezer’s faith in God is restored.  He never really lost his faith in this respect; he just remained bitter for an extended time.

Violin Boy makes a reappearance.  He plays Beethoven, which is illegal for Jews.

Night describes the Nazi guards very sparingly.  He breaks from this to describe their various affairs, and does so again near the end to describe their indifference.

The Jews can only think about feeding themselves upon becoming free.  The pursuit of sustenence pits father against son.

Wiesel has been quoted saying (I’m paraphrasing here) that indifference is the opposite of most good things in the world.

The ending of the book seemed rushed to some.  The pacing and tone changes when his father dies.  It is particularly chilling because he spends the last few pages referring to himself as someone else entirely.


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  2. I would, but for some reason I’m not able to post anything new or edit any old posts anymore.

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