Night, Chapter 4

Some of the Nazis in power like to molest little Jewish boys.

There is a medical check-up.  If anyone had gold in their teeth, it was removed.  Eliezer had a golden tooth, which his foreman noticed and had pried out with a rusty spoon.

The musicians play Nazi music endlessly to lodge it in the prisoners’ minds.  They hear it even when they don’t march.

A friend talks about the Bible to Eliezer.  He believes that the entire ordeal is a test, and they will be rewarded if they survive.  It’s like Job.  Remember that.

Idek is Eliezer’s Kapo at Buna.  He is half crazed and cruel.  He moves the entire group so he can hook up with a Polish girl.

There are several hangings.

Then, Erica walked in late.

Pipels are ”prettyboys”.


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