Night, First 22 Pages

Eliezer is 12 and deeply observant.

Google the crap out of this book.  It’s vital if you don’t know what’s going on or what certain terms mean.

Eliezer is a young Jew who has deep philosophical chats with Moshe the Beadle about the Kabbalah.  Moshe is then taken on a train to Poland,  but manages to escape and go back to Sighet to warn the others.  The others don’t listen.

German soldiers are housed, some of whom are described as ”charming”.  Passover comes, but the Jews’ hearts aren’t in it.  Suddenly, restrictions start to be placed – Jews are no longer allowed to own valuables and must wear the yellow star.  They have curfews, restroom restrictions, and are kept from the synagogues.

Notice that the Germans refer to Jews as various animals throughout the book.

Everyone is moved from ghetto to ghetto.

Eliezer ends up on a vastly overcrowded train.  There are so many people that they must sit in shifts.  There are no restroom facilities.


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