Kung-Fu Cthulhu

Today was National Hug an Isaac Day. If you weren’t in the know, feel free to participate tomorrow.

We went over Panda-isms for the first twenty minutes of class.

Then, we talked about the dreaded MGRP.
This is straight from the horse’s mouth.
1. There needs to be a Table of Contents page listing the various pages and their contents. Be specific.
2. Binding needs at least .5 inches of space.
3. Parenthetical Citations need to be with EVERY genre example on the same page as the example.
4. Glue has its limitations. Don’t neglect 2 sided tape, contact cement, etc.
5. You MAY have more than one example per page.
6. The maximum page dimensions are 12×12. That means size. Shape, thickness, orientation, are up to you.
7. The connecting narratives are to be on the same page as the genre, or a facing page.

MGRP Elements

  • Cover Page (Cannot have M, G, R, P)
  • Consider the cover page pre attention-getter
  • Images
  • Table of Contents
  • Statement of Purpose
  • (See next cluster for details)

  • Five Genres (2 Internet-based sources only*) (Label the genres)
  • Five connecting narratives
  • Summary Conclusion
  • Works Cited

*Internet source is for total of five initial genres and is excluded from all GRAVY
Find more examples and info here.

Statement of Purpose must include:

  • Definition
  • Assumptions or facts regarding topic
  • Purpose, which establishes whether or not the MGRP will prove, inform, define, demonstrate, or argue
  • Conclusion which will be drawn
  • Thesis Statement

The Statement of Purpose must have these requirements:

  • Not to exceed 100 words
  • Clarity



    You’ll be fine if you work on it a little every day.

    At least 1 genre must be an image.

    Gravy = unnecessary stuff that adds flavor (applies here). Feel free to add gravy to your MGRP, but don’t depend on it.


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