Monday Subplans…

Hello everyone.  I hope that you had a restful break.  I prepared Thanksgiving dinner, ate leftovers, and decorated for Christmas.  Whew!  I also cried over the Lions loss.  Stupid INTs!  Anyhow, my daughter is sick.  Sniffles.  She hardly ate a thing yesterday, which means I need to nurse her back to health today.  For you that means Final LOTF work on your own.  YIKES!!!  My idea is this…I want group work.  Let me repeat…GROUP WORK!  Cue scary music.  I know you all hate this, but honestly, I don’t care!  In class you will be forming groups.  Take the numbers and randomly pass them out.  Then in order 1-5, 6-10, etc. form groups.  Try to balance the numbers as best as possible.  Then in the back I want every group to create and share with group members a PowerPoint document.  Each group member is responsible for creating two slides of content.  The title slide is gravy so no complaining.  The topics for groups:

1. The Lord of the Flies (symbolism of the Pig head on a stick)

2. Taboos in LOTF (this would cover the entire book)

3. Allegory in LOTF (REMEMBER this isn’t JUST extended metaphor)

4. Author Intent (this would discuss Coral Island connections, Golding’s teacher influences, comments by Golding on his book)

5. LOTF Lite (this would be a chapter by chapter summary with accompanying timeline and map of movements on island)

6. WILDCARD (if necessary…shouldn’t be, but a group may come up with an academically based topic of their own.  Perhaps looking at academic criticism of the book and aggregating the sources and ideas presented in the world of academia)

Because this is group work, you will need to create and share the document with your group mates.  Share it with me as well, so I can be astounded with your productivity!  I want this done by Wednesday.  That means a lot of work today and tomorrow.  No slacking allowed in or out of class.  Good luck!  Stuck has left the building.


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