Shadows and Tall Trees, Gift for Darkness

We discussed the last bit of Beast from Air and started on discussions for Shadows and Tall Trees and Gift for Darkness.

Jack foreshadows at his intent by saying that Castle Rock would make a “good fort”.
The boar comes in and Ralph stabs it, which would have given Ralph mad props with the hunters if Jack hadn’t brought attention back onto himself. Jack is insecure and self-righteous. After this, they are pumped up on adrenaline an reenact what just happened. Robert is the boar, and the participants are getting too into it. Jack suggests that they do the same game with a littl’un.
They finally return to the mountain. He picks Jack and Roger (read, “Evil” and “Evil Sidekick”) to go with him. It’s asinine strategy. They see the dead parachutist who looks alive because of the wind. They run away like little girls and everything is crazy.
Ralph, once again, fails as a leader. Jack should be punished for the ways he talks and acts.
The begin the meeting, and Ralph says that “boys with sticks” can’t protect them. Of course, this means a throwdown with the hunters, who see themselves as hunters.
Ralph has physical dominance over Jack. It feels the opposite, but Jack is smaller than Ralph. Jack just has “stupid spunk”.
Roger kills another pig, and it’s bacchanalian. It’s gratuitous, taboo, and chock full of innuendo. He decides to make a false idol. The group must take the dull knife and cut off a pig head. It’s not an easy task. It is no longer just killing a pig, it’s totally mutilating it.
It makes no sense for the children to offer the “beast” the head; there’s nothing to eat there. They leave the guts and organs as well.
Simon sets out on a journey. He’s going to fix everything. He goes to his secret place to find the pig head. They’ve “desecrated” his “church”. So the pig head starts talking to him. We can blame this on Simon’s epilepsy.

You should be done with the book after the short Thanksgiving break.


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