Beast from Water, Beast from Air

We discussed the above chapters today.

Let me apologize up front for the ineptitude of this post, I missed the first ten minutes because of the stupid computer.

Ralph continues to SUCK as a leader. He’s making more excuses than actions. He may just be inexperienced; he is just as scared and unsure as everyone else. Jack has pretty much failed as a hunter (he’s seen two pigs total, and killed one of them). Ralph is also the only one who stays in a forward mindset.
If Jack had been the leader, the priorities of the entire tribe would be different. His decisions might have been reasonable at the beginning of the excursion, but now he’s gone more savage.
Talking about the beast at night wasn’t a fantastic idea.
People don’t listen to Simon even when he has good ideas and contributions. He’s the most parental figure to the children.
The kids freak out because they see things at night; Simon is active at night.
Why does it never rain excessively on the island?


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