French-Kissing Armadillos

We discussed chapters two through four today.

How is Roger the “special” person? He threw rocks at some kid and was angry when he found he was unable ethically to hit him. He may have done so for attention or just because he was bored. He also threw sand in a younger child’s eyes. He’s pushing the ethics to the limit without exactly going over. Because they’re always sued to having this adult hanging over them, they feel like they have to behave. The fact that he’s actually trying to break his conditioning is disturbing.
Three characteristics of serial killers are that they torture animals, play with fire, and wet the bed late in life. Sound familiar? Jack may secretly feel remorse for killing the pig in his “shudders”. Perhaps he wanted to show his dominance and become chief. He was too concerned with the pig to understand the significance of his missing the ship.
Peer pressure is a large part of the book. Whether it is to assert themselves or to just be accepted, everyone exhibits the influence of peer pressure.
Ralph is a crappy leader. Golding is making flat characters, and created Ralph as the “societal god”.
Simon is odd. He supposedly has a vital part in the plot, but while reading, he is hardly there at all.
Jack would lose all dominance if he lost the knife.
The chant is “violence to females”. The addition of a female in violent acts makes it more “serious”.


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