Raisin Discussion

Rhiannon opened the discussion by asking for examples of the differences between Asagai and George. Both were arrogant in their own way – George was rich and high class (and assimilationist), and Asagai was educated (non-assimilationist). If they had met each other, they would probably be enemies. Some students argued that it wasn’t arrogance for Asagai as much as he was proud of his heritage. Others argued that he was more arrogant than George in that he thinks everyone should embrace their own culture, but some are Americans by culture. They have different ideas of what is right in a woman and how they should behave. Both see them as subordinates. Both are trying to use Beneatha in different ways. It’s strange that she would choose those two because she isn’t insecure. Because Beneatha doesn’t have a father relationship, her perception of men is altered.
Mama’s parenting style is very blunt and straightforward. She beats her children no matter their age. Even though she knows Walter will disbehave, she gives him the money anyway. She has good morals, but that doesn’t mean she is a good mother.


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