3rd Hour Socratic Fishbowl Discussion

Stuck starts by picking the quiet kids for the inner circle. Becca, Zafir, Ashley, Neha, Kacey, Sonia, Ali, Caitlyn,  and Vivian start off. Caitlyn brings up Curley’s wife. She rejects herself because she has no self-confidence. She only married Curley for his money. She has power over everyone except the boss. Sonia says Curley doesn’t want anyone to be happy when he isn’t. Curley was already angry because he had no power over Slim. Carlson was a soldier in WW1, so he seems threatening to Curley which is why Curley goes after Lennie. George stands by and lets Lennie get hurt. His hatred for Curley overrode his concern for Lennie. Curley basically won’t have a hand anymore. George feels powerful because he has control over Lennie, but unfortunately he cannot control the power. It’s either on or off. Lennie feels bad only because he thinks he lost the chance to take care of the rabbits. Candy’s dog represents the life Candy had when he wasn’t useless. Carlson has no feeling for anyone. Whatever Slim says, goes. Now the second group comes in. Gabby thinks it was wrong for them to take over the dog. Hannah says the new puppy will allow Candy to move on, but he ended up not getting the dog. The men give life no value, and they don;t understand what love is. The magazine was a symbol for hope. It let Whit feel that maybe he could accomplish his own dreams. Crooks tells Lennie and Candy that their dream is impossible. He has seen many guys with the same dream, and they never achieve it. Curley’s wife was happy Lennie beat Curley up because she was tired of his arrogance. Crooks was so lonely, he didn’t care what he said or even if Lennie didn’t understand, he just wanted to talk to someone. It is good to just say something. Crooks has been treated badly for so long, he tries to reciprocate, like an abused dog. Crooks saw an opportunity to be more powerful than a white man. He took advantage of Lennie. Crooks had a good childhood, but how did he end up where he is? Crooks tried to keep a nice place for himself. Allison calls the farm “A Ranch of Doom” because they cannot achieve anything. The whore house prohibits any advancement. The regular guys leave the losers at home. Curley and his wife both know about each other, but they don’t really care. At the farm, she can feel like she is better than everyone. She wants to be loved. Curley wants everyone to be jealous of him. His wife gives him an opportunity to be intimidating.


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