Balloon Boy

We talked about how sick the balloon boy controversy is.
Oh, and there was some actual English stuff, too.

After going over the compound sentence diagramming from hell (read, “CNN”) on Friday, Stuck gave us the obligatory Of Mice and Men lecture.
Everyone felt the effects of the Great Depression. Stuck’s grandma picked dandelions on a golf course to make money and his uncles planted trees up north that are too close together.
The American Dream has changed drastically since then. Now, it’s all about being wealthy and owning lots of stuff. Then, it was simpler. A piece of land and self sufficiency was good enough for them.
Mental retardation is a state of developmental deficit, beginning in childhood, that results in significant limitation of intellect or cognition and poor adaptation to the demands of everyday life. People with mental retardation have an IQ of 70 points or less. This is the perfect description of Lennie. There is onset before 18 years of age and can be caused by alterations in embryonic development, environmental deprivation, problems of pregnancy, hereditary abnormalities, and medical conditions of infancy or childhood. We talked about John Paul Perry, who escaped murder charges because he was mentally retarded.


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