Sentence Patterns for Transitive and Intransitive Verbs

Patterns 6-10 all utilize transitive or intransitive verbs.
With sentence pattern 6 (S-ITV), not very much is going on.
The king coughed.
That’s all. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t be complicated.
At the first mention of the scandal, the king coughed discreetly as a signal to his councilors.
The above is still sentence pattern 6.

Pattern 7 (S-TV-DO)
The king proclaimed the news of his divorce

Pattern 8 (S-TV-IO-DO)
The king gave Anne Boleyn his love.
The difference between patterns 7 and 8 is the Indirect Object.

Pattern 9 (S-TV-DO-OC Adj)
The king considered Anne enchanting.

Pattern 10 (S-TV-DO-OC Noun)
It’s exactly the same as number 9, except the Object Compliment is a noun.
The king considered Anne a beauty.

You can also find different, unique structures, such as when dealing with prepositional phrases.
She found the king in good humor.

The citizens of our town elected Shannon as mayor.
The word “as” is essentially useless. We show this in a diagram on a pedestal attached with a dotted line before the word “mayor”. Because this is simply inflection added by the speaker, nothing is really gained from the word “as” in the sentence.

We’ve got usage coming up soon. Just prepare yourself mentally and emotionally.
Also coming soon are compound structures. They look a lot scarier than they sound. This will allow you to diagram a sentence such as:
Mr. Brown and his son own and manage a large bookstore in Philadelphia and a popular coffee shop in New York.
Don’t wet yourselves.

After we finished that, we went over our All Quiet blog postings.


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  1. can u teach me this S TV thingy2x because are exam is running and i dont want to get low grades

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