Diagramming and Sentence Patterns

We began class today by discussing the social importance of Family Guy.


The bread on the table is stale.
This is sentence pattern #2 (S-Be-PA).

Our professor must have been a genius in her youth.
This is sentence pattern #3 (S-Be-PN)
Then, we diagrammed a sentence straight from the CNN website (which, as we all know, is boatloads of fun).
The Trafigura spokeswoman, Alex Nelless of the public relations firm Bell Pottinger, said she did not know if a court date had been set.

Thesis Statements
A thesis is a fact plus an opinion.
A topic sentence is a point and a thesis connection. Follow this link for more details.
Don’t forget about the test tomorrow. All the newer parts of speech can be found here.

May God have mercy on your soul.


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