AQotWF Discussion, 9-21

Hello Honors students. If you’re reading this, then congratulations! You’ve reached the Honors English Blog. It’s now up and running for a play by play of our daily lives in English. Tell your friends.

Those of us who weren’t testing briefly discussed All Quiet on the Western Front today.

A three sentence summary of the book was covered: Paul and his comrades joined the war without knowing the harmful effects of war. Paul was forced to witness his friends systematic deaths (and the succession of boots) which lead to his complete disillusionment with life. The book ends with Paul dying a horrible, miserable death, further emphasizing that war should be avoided at all costs.

Basically, everything about the novel screams “war sucks”. End of story. It says so without subtlety.

Jared brought up the fact that the novel felt dream-like.
The discussion then moved to Kantorek, the teacher.

Then, for whatever reason, Stuck brought up the question of Homecoming dates. Friend pack is the way to go nowadays.

We then discussed the week’s schedule. It consists of grammar, All Quiet on the Western Front, sentence diagramming, thesis statements and essay structure, and Batman.

There was no homework today, although it is recommended that you study any problem areas you faced on Friday’s quiz, as well as the vocabulary. This week includes the Latin roots “crim” (“fault or crime” or “accusation”) and “prob/prov” (“prove or proof” or “honesty or integrity”).


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